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Get a dedicated CCBill affiliate ID

Please ensure you have read this page fully in conjunction with the about page before proceeding.

Before you can sign up for a DDs Dollars user account you need a CCBill affiliate ID and this is where you do that.

Note: You will need to get a dedicated CCBill Affiliate ID to promote Donovan's Darlings even if you already have a CCBill Affiliate ID for other websites.

If you have not used CCBill's affiliate system before, you will need to create a new account with CCBill giving you a CCBill Affiliate ID for my site Donovan's Darlings.

The button here takes you to the CCBill Affiliate Admin area on the CCBill website and this is where you sign up for your brand new CCBill Affiliate ID account. The form requires you to fill out your contact and personal details and please make sure to fill them out correctly because this data is also used to generate the cheques you receive. Remember your cheques come from CCBill directly in USD currency.

You can later also reuse this Affiliate ID account to join other CCBill Affiliate Programs creating new dedicated Affiliate IDs for each site while retaining your original Affiliate ID now called your "Merged Under" number, so be sure to keep a record for each of your account details. From filling in this form you will receive a unique CCBill Affiliate ID, which is a 6 or 7 digit number. The Affiliate ID number is what you will store against your DDs Dollars user account when you create it.

Create a new CCBill affiliate account

Alternatively if you already have an existing CCBill Affiliate ID number then please enter it below to add DDs Dollars as an affiliate to your account! This will create you a dedicated Affiliate ID for Donovan's Darlings as well as list your original CCBill Affiliate ID listed as a "Merged Under" number.

Account details

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Retrieve CCBill affiliate account data

If you have forgotten your password, but still know your Affiliate "Merged Under" number and email address you used to sign up, you can use this online form to retrieve it.

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